So chic & classic

so chic


“Elegance and honesty are two mandatory parameters for any human production”. Philippe Starck


Preserve the classicism and elegance of a manor house by providing noble materials, light, perspectives and open spaces.

A selection of lightening , furniture, art works add a layer of sophistication and exclusivity.

Furniture : Norman Cherner, Living Divani, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Gubi, Patricia Urquiola, Agnes Studio, Andrew Martin, …

Comeos Office



“Architectue is really about well-beind. I think that people want to fell good in a space . On the one hane it’s about sheleter, but it’s also about pleasure and people enjoying their space. “

Remodeling of COMEOS office (Belgian Trade Register)

The concept was dictated by an ecological redesign  by favouring pleasant and bright working spaces. The plant façade trapping up the building and a the new garden are the spirit of the project. The meeting rooms and customer areas are convivial, cosy and functional. Wood is at the center of the project. Alcoves allow to divide spaces and offer more intimacy for the staff. The materials, fabrics and furnitures are chosen in an eco friendly manner.

Gyspi hotel

“A Bohemian life,
filled with poetry,
it cuts like a knife,
without coquetry!”
Ana Claudia Antunes

The goal was to connect several art deco houses to create an affordable yet authentic Hotel.

This true and original Brussels project was achieved by mixing flea market discoveries, existing material and deco like stained glass.

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Skyline icon

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Exclusive Urban Lifestyle…this is where you can find The Cosmopolitan, the new icon of Brussels district.

We designed spectacular show appartments in the Cosmopolitan tower. Several furnished flats and penthouses will welcome you in a cosy, spacious, and original atmosphere.

We will find a mix of vintage and contemporary design in perfect harmony between urban lifestyle and comfort.

Furniture : Tatra Nabitok, Living Divani, NaniMarquina,  La Chance, Jules Wabbes , Ayush Kasliwa
CLIENT :  Besixred

Old school glam

moodbord old school glam
Old school glam 

“I was seeking a balance between warm colors and natural materials,  style mingle, collecting the fifties and  contemporary art”.

Renovation of a contemporary and minimalist house in Brussels with a mix and match spirit.

The radical lines are assuaged by  soft furniture and noble materials. Inspired by nature, we rethought the volumes and the finishings with sobriety and intemporality.

Caroline transported minimalisme into a colorful and joyful statement. The atmopshere  created by the selection of textiles and the wallpapers give a new breath to this house.

Diito Brussels,  Rouge Pivoine, Andrew Martin, Warren Platner, Ettore Sottsass, Pierre Frey, Alvar Aalto

Arty Cocoon


“I love to travel and to be inspired by new things, so everything is always new. I’ve never done the same bathroom or the same kitchen a second time. It’s challenging, and I like to be challenged.” Kelly Wearstler

Renovation of an old dairy factory into an eclectic and arty house. Caroline opened every room in order to communicate with each other. She made the choice of bright and daring colors, natural materials and recycled textures.The atmosphere is quirky  and rock and roll which makes  this house so very particular.

Pictures by Jan Verlinde

Artists : Paulo Climachauska, Sozyone Gonzalez, Alice Gallery, Pica Pica, Maya Ayuk, Anderson and Low, Krjst Studio, Aka Delta, Vhils, Xavier Le Normand, Velasco Vitali, Les deux Garçons, …

Furniture : Ado Chale, Hans Wegner, Arne Jacobsen, Charlotte Perriand, Carine Boxy, Ann Demeulemeester, Le Corbusier, Florence Knoll, Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, Patricia Urquiola, ….


2009 - Buitenbeentje - aw spotlight

Rational house

Renovation of a Louis Herman De Koninck House in Belgium



It is with deep respect for the architect Louis-Herman de Konick that Notté renovated this rational house. Modern materials combined with a palette of natural colours. Simplicity, back to the human proportion guides this project.

She maintained majority of existing materials and she could recuperate the modern functional kitchen “CUBEX” of the 30th.




Louis Herman De Koninck








Xirius office

Lawyers office in Brussels

moodboard def“I am trying to counter the fixity of architectures, their stolidity, with elements that give an ineffable immaterial quality.”  Toyo Ito


This open space promotes values of sharing, team spirit, cohesion shared by to the Xirius Lawyers’ Association integrating more intimate spaces (meetings, bubbles, etc.) create an optimal working environment.


A perfect balance is achieved with a selection of design vintage furniture (e.g. Jules Wabbes, Charles Eames, Arne Jacobsen, …) natural oak desk and the movable leather dividers.

Notté selects noble and timeless materials, combined with an elegant warm color palette “Ressource Peintures”.











Dubai pavilion






“Some people may say my curved panels look like sails. Well, I am a sailor, so I guess I probably do use that metaphor in my work – thought not consciously.”  Frank Gehry

The Dubai Pavilion project has been conceived to integrate its natural environment.

Based on a whale, the spine structure filters the light while the mouth is facing the sea.