Crafterisation : Back to our core values

Back to local, the valuation of know-how, of craftmanship, of handmade and quality products… “Crafterisation” is a return to authentic materials and to the values of artisanship. 

Caroline Notté advocates simplicity and authenticity. In her studio, built by Louis Herman de Koninck, she wishes to highlight a selection of artists yet again dedicate time to hand-made work (slow design). She brings forward the simplicity of forms and the beauty of materials shaped by the hand of the artist. 

Towards more responsible design!

Xavier le Normand, French glass artist, transforms glass into masterpieces that lead you into a world of imagination and nature, inspired by his many travels. Constantly evolving in his techniques, he plays with the immediacy and movement ofincandescent glass, then revisits the whole surface of his sculptures – when cold – through engraving, cutting and textures.The translucency of the glass is often partially hidden from view, giving the material a deep opacity that invites the hand to touch.


Back to ROOTS!
Lucien Petit, works in another art of fire: ceramics. He creates his material according to his whims by mixing numerous different clays of local and foreign origins as well as additional minerals. He is interested in the binary oppositions between fullness and emptiness, of form and counter-form, of convex and concave, of mineral and organic…


Krjst studio takes an intimate awareness of time both as the place of change and making dialogue between laborious work of weaving and the moment of the gesture. The binary relationship between the jacquard and the processor is already evocative in itself. such an oscillation between the past and the future between craftsmanship and technology, reflecting the importance of keeping our roots and yet living with the times