During his artistic studies, Pol met Pierre Sterckx, professor of aesthetics, who opened his eyes to art and philosophy. This meeting will be decisive in his future choices. He then discovered the profession of bodybuilder and, by working on the most prestigious cars, he learned to work with all the materials, the various techniques and the aesthetics. That’s when he started drawing objects and furniture.

In 1987 he created his compact disc shelf. The shelf is still in production twenty years later. He then participated in various furniture shows (Salone del Mobile, Interieur) and thus began his career as a designer. In 1995 Pol met an ex-engineer from Donnay (tennis racket manufacturer) who taught him composite materials and mainly carbon fiber. The C06 chair was born in April 1995, it will be the lightest chair in the world (950 grams). During his 6 months in Milan, Pol met people from Swatch Group. Carlo Giordanetti, Swatch’s artistic director, asked him to design watches for the group’s brands. In New York, he started working for Hamilton and finally for Rado. Back in Brussels at the end of 2000, Pol created the “strada”, a 10 cm high shoe without heels.

While still designing furniture. He creates bright tables for a downtown dance hall and also creates a brand new shoe shop for Biondini in Paris, at Galeries Lafayette. At the same time, furniture publisher Vange is interested in Pol’s collection of objects. In 2007 he designed a complete Corian collection for OVO editions and put the C09 (his new carbon chair) into production with this young publisher.




Model : 35/35

Designer : POL QUADENS


Period : 2014

Origin : BELGIUM

Dimension : H 74 x 250 x 84 cm

Material : ALUMINIUM


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