An atypical and creative designer, coupled with a virtuoso draughtsman, it is not surprising that Pol Quadens’ work flirts with sculpture. The line is the unifying element of her whole approach; it is it that nourishes the notions of asymmetry and balance that are dear to her.

As always with him, what appear to be free and spontaneous forms are the result of many controlled constraints and experiences pushed to their limits. Thus, by evoking his series of sculptures “Vertigo”, he can allow himself this definitive formula: “to make sculpture as if man had never put his hand on it”.

Having an extensive knowledge of the various materials he works with and a personal mastery of manufacturing techniques, Pol Quadens takes pleasure in challenging materials and techniques to extract their quintessence, at the limit of their breaking point.



Model : ARROW

Designer : POL QUADENS


Period : 2015

Origin : BELGIUM


Dimension : 40 x 200 x 40 cm


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