Big Talk is manifest geometry: two circles define a throne for the art of sitting. The front part of the backrest and the seat shine in the same colour, whereas the back can be combined with textile swatches in a colour book format, all in order to give whatever space a touch of mighty colour. Big Talk thrives as an obvious solitaire, or can be placed back and forth to create a snakelike creation facing in different directions. Both the seat and the backrest are shaped out of moulded foam, all covered in different shades of velvet made by Febrik.


Model: Big Talk 077

Designer: Adam Goodrum

Editor: Blå Station

Period: 2021

Origin: Sweden

Dimensions: Seat height 42 cm

​​Overall height 68 cm

​​Overall width 104 cm

​​Seat depth 49 cm

​​Overall depth 78 cm

Material: Fully dressed in fabric. Base footplate in steel.


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