Jean-Paul Blais does not seek to evoke nor to describe. Only the act of creating matters to him and allows him to transmit the result of his meditation, of his mental journeys, to his art. An act endlessly reinvented through new dialogues with the matter. As Pierre Soulages would mention about black, it is « …both a color and a non-color. When light is re ected on black, it transforms and transmutes it. It opens up a mental eld all of its own ». Blais sees light as a matter to work with on his slightly curved black wooden reliefs; striations of the black surface of his sculptures enable him to make the light re ect, allowing the black to come out from darkness and into brightness, thereby becoming a luminous color.
Courtesy of LKFF gallery


Model : Black Acrylic on wood

Designer : Jean-Paul Blais

Editor :

Period : 2011

Origin :

Dimension : 45 X 62 X 6 cm


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