A schieve hotel in Brussels

Located in the city center, at a park entrance, this hotel with its 200 bedrooms opens its doors to reveal its typical Brussels atmosphere, far from the trends of the moment.

Once the doors crossed, the tone is given with the welcome desk made of glass in a “Art Deco” style. Authenticity is the key of the design concept of the creator Caroline Notté, a guideline she follows with the choice of raw materials like brick, concrete, wood and glass and tailored lighting specially made to respect the soul of the place.

Adding value to this timeless spirit, the bars were found from old typical Brussels establishments and renovated to match and accord perfectly with their new place.


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New icon in the Brussels skyline

Exclusive Urban Lifestyle…here takes place The Cosmopolitan, the new icon of the Dansaert/Ste Catherine district, and here is how CN made these words hers to create the perfect atmosphere for this showroom flat.
The place is dedicated to making you feel comfortable thanks to a color palette perfectly chosen according to the function of each room, varying from a yellow ocher, pinkish beige, a turquoise blue to a pastel green.
In the kitchen/dining/ living room, you can find two vintage armchairs by Tatra Nabitok creating a cozy living with the Strato low table by Living Divan and a sofa. A beautiful carpet designed by NaniMarquina delimits the space dedicated to the dining room, a shelving system made by Bashko Trybek for La Chance can be used to tidy the dishes or as a way to showcase some accessories and sculptures.
For the kid room, the motto was simplicity and modernity. It was achieved thanks to furnitures with simple geometric shapes
The idea of simplicity was kept in the parents’ bedroom, but with a hint of elegance achieved by the contrast of the blackish geometric furnitures with the pinkish beige wall.
In the nook set a Jules Wabbes armchair, Ayush Kasliwal bowl tables and a pair of mirrors creating a cozy corner in the bedroom. The purity of the furnitures’ lines highlight this feeling of a tasteful and delicatespace.
This place is thought to rise yourself and be inspired. The mix of vintage and contemporary pieces of design and art create the perfect harmony between urban lifestyle and comfort, functional and beautiful, making this apartment exceptional.
Perfect for a city dweller in search of a lively and inspiring place where it is good to live in.

Old school glam

Old school glam 
This was the demand for this renovation project and it is with brio that Caroline Notté came to bring her touch and experience.
From the entrance, the tone is given, white for the overall envelope contrasted with touches of color given by the Pierre Frey “Shaman” wallpaper judiciously placed and highlighted in contemporary moldings, hiding inside the new sanitary designed by CN. The visit continues in the same atmosphere, the spaces come alive thanks to the new selected furnitures and accessories whose colors are mixed and associated with audacity, softness and intelligence.

Arty Cocoon

House of Caroline Notté


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Renovation of an house following the Corbusier spirit, an eclectic universe, full of poetry !


Caroline Notté dares to confront her favorites and to vibrate the Corbusier color palette in an old dairy.

The warm and Andalusian colors recall the terracota tones, the authentic tiles give to the place a charming feeling.

The volumes intersect with each other, the textures clash, the pieces of art interact and the street-art are in full swing ! A project that reflects the sensibility and creativity of Caroline Notté whose audacity continues to surprise us !


The space is full of history, the furniture elements and the contemporary or vintage objects coming from all around the world are taking full part in the creation of a universe really personal!

Pictures by Jan Verlinde










A Louis Herman De Koninck’s House

Renovation of a Louis Herman De Koninck’s House in Belgium




It is with a lot of respect for the architect Louis-Herman de Konick that Caroline Notté made the renovation of his personal house when he was alive. The chosen materials, combined with a warm color palette as well as the vintage furniture selected take part in the birth of a coherent project. A beautiful continuity between the past and the present.



Louis Herman De Koninck








Xirius Office

Offices of lawyers in Brussels

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The project is organized on the “open-space” principle, promoting the values of exchange, team spirit and cohesion specific to the lawyers’ association Xirius. It also integrates more intimate spaces (meetings, individual cells, etc.) so that everyone is in an optimal working environment.

The choice of contemporary and uncluttered furniture elements eases a contribution of natural light and brings out spatial qualities thanks to perspectives and transparency between open and closed spaces.


Esthetic quality and know-how are honored with a selection of vintage (Jules Wabbes)  and design (Tom Dixon)  lighting, but also functional ones signed by Studio Sammode, a French company specialized in industrial lighting since four generations. The working tables, produced by Alki, bring coherence to the entire project and allow to ideally arrange the workspaces thanks to movable leather dividers which promptly break off the natural oak worktops.

Caroline Notté privileged noble and timeless materials, combined with a warm and elegant color palette (Ressource Peintures). A perfect balance in the field of law!


Studio Sammode Lighting

Atelier de meubles Alki

Ressource Peintures









Seminar Hall Dubaï

Seminar Hall in Dubaï




This project is made in collaboration with MBO studio takes its formal inspiration form the skeleton of a whale and is translated by a progressive gesture designed like a back bone  that evolves and adapts according to the orientation of the sun to protect itself. The organic structure made in Corian works as «mocharabieh » across which the natural light is filtered and varies during the day.

The seminar room opens like a huge « mouth » toward the sea, ending with a strong gesture confronted with a powerful view !


Bureau MBO









Bohemian House

Bohemian House in Belgium


Moodboard bohemian house


Contemporary house  built by the architect Bruno Erpicum in the countryside, facing the woods.

The red brick, chosen in Toulouse, is warm and brings value to the house as if they were there from the beginning. The relationship with nature is omnipresent.

All the furnitures were custom made like a work of art itself.

The decoration is mismatched which very well reflects the sensibility of Caroline Notté, a mix of vintage furnitures and travel objects. Here is born a relaxed and timeless atmosphere.


Architect Bruno Erpicum

Pictures by Jan Verlinde










Industrial Penthouse

Industrial Penthouse

Moodboard industrial penthouse

Texte en Français ci-dessous


The project is described as a penthouse designed in a “minimal-ethnic” spirit.
The focus was on the points of view, the perspectives between the interior spaces but also towards the outside spaces, the terraces; brightness and comfort of life guided the project.

The living room is energized by the open fire in ‘
mortex’, which stands in front of the living room and refers to the pure lines of concrete floating tablets in the kitchen, open to the dining room. The bathrooms are almost completely covered with ‘mortex’.

Caroline Notté has favoured a monochrome color palette, highlighting works of art as well as elements of contemporary furniture – selected in collaboration with Diito – that punctuate the space and reveal themselves at different times of the day in natural light or thanks to artificial lighting sources.

The custom woodwork, covered with a dark wood veneer, give the apartment a “smart” and “chic” aesthetic, while the beautiful curtains and blinds, signed Bénédicte Ullens, counterbalance this aesthetic and bring a charming and delicate touch to
the space.

The large terrace has been furnished with as much refinement as the living room, thanks to furniture elements signed Pol Quadens and decoration signed Rouge Pivoine. The place is enhanced by a selection of sharp works of art, including pieces by Isabelle de Borchgrave, Yves Ullens, Benoit Féron, Caroline Notté, …







Isabelle de Borchgrave

Regards Passion

Traqueur de lumières


Le projet se décrit comme un penthouse conçu dans un esprit “minimal-ethnique”.

L’accent a été mis sur les points de vue, les perspectives entre les espaces intérieurs mais aussi vers les espaces extérieurs, les terrasses; la luminosité et le confort de vie ont guidé le projet.


La pièce à vivre est dynamisée par le feu ouvert en mortex, qui s’impose face au salon et renvoie aux lignes pures des tablettes flottantes en béton de la cuisine, ouverte sur la salle à manger. Les salles d’eau sont presque intégralement recouvertes de mortex.


Caroline Notté a privilégié une palette de couleurs monochrome, mettant en évidence les œuvres d’art ainsi que les éléments de mobilier contemporain – sélectionnés en collaboration avec Diito – qui ponctuent l’espace et se révèlent aux différents moments de la journée à la lumière naturelle ou grâce aux sources d’éclairage artificiel.

Les menuiseries réalisées sur mesure, recouvertes d’un placage en bois foncé, donnent à l’appartement une esthétique “smart” et “chic”, tandis que les magnifiques rideaux et stores, signés Bénédicte Ullens, contre-balancent cette esthétique et apportent une touche charmante et délicate à l’espace.

La grande terrasse, a été aménagée avec autant de raffinement que la pièce à vivre, grâce à des éléments de mobilier signés Pol Quadens et de décoration signés Rouge Pivoine. Le lieu est sublimé par une sélection d’œuvres d’art pointue, on retrouve notamment des pièces d’Isabelle de Borchgrave, Yves Ullens, Benoît Féron, Caroline Notté, …









Scandinavian chic

Up-site Tower | Scandinavian chic flat

Moodboard penthouse scandinavian



Reflecting a new lifestyle, Up-site highlights a community called « Urban lifestyle »

The spatial qualities of this Scandinavian apartment take place with really strong concept principles : connection made between interior and exterior spaces, perspectives, plays with point of view, importance of the natural light…



The project is characterized by pure architectural lines. In the living space, a custom storage furniture brings a beautiful dynamic by playing with whole and emptiness whereas the Scandinavian style furnitures creates a spatial fluidity which suits perfectly the long layout of this apartment.

Caroline Notté always gives a lot of attention to the selection  of the furnitures : a melting pot of reissues furnitures, vintages one and trendy lamps.

The different elements are putting at their advantage due to the pastel color palette background and a sophisticated selection of geometric pattern wallpapers, thus the natural wool carpets that provide a cosy atmosphere

In this apartment a spirit of « well being » and « renewal all in elegance » is king

Furnished in collaboration with Diito.




Carl Hansen