Dolly Last Supper, KILL BIIE D02-(71) low res ©Phil Akashi & Caroline Notté

Freedoll to Sex 2, KILL BIIE D02 (65) low res ©Phil Akashi & Caroline Notté

Freedoll to Sex PANO, KILL BIIE D02-(41)Panorama low res ©Phil Akashi & Caroline Notté

Punk Rock Dolls, KILL BIIE D01-(167) low res ©Phil Akashi & Caroline Notté

Life is Dollyful, KILL BIIE D02-(173) low res ©Phil Akashi & Caroline Notté


Phil Akashi and his sister Caroline Notté question the evolution and the future of women in today’s societies. Through images that are powerful, positive and symbolic, the duo Akashi-Notté raises the fair sex to a pinnacle considering the Woman as an indispensable element linked to the survival of man.

Using the icon “Barbie doll” and going beyond the doll’s cosmetic aspect, the duo amaze by their aesthetic and ferocious approach. This result in a astonishing message tinged with an incredible emotion. 

Akashi-Notté bare the image of women and tease with a series of dramatic scenes combining humor and tragedy. Chinese symbols are tattooed on the dolls to add meaning to their message. Branded like cattle, the Barbie dolls cut loose, provoke and put up a fight. The artists consider women will always adapt to future challenges because they have a 6th sense, the ability to adapt and anticipate. The woman is the key driving force of our society. Everlasting, the modern woman is immortal…. “Doll never dies.”

* « Biie » means « pussy » in Mandarin Chinese

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