Born in 1957 in Sancerre, Lucien Petit lives and works in Boisbelle, a village near La Borne, France. Trained in the techniques of ceramics, very eraly on he associates the interior to his personal work, an image recurring in all of his work. His work develops an interest in architecture, construction and the broader theme of receptacles, structured by the binary opposites of full and empty, form and counter-form, elevation and collapse, convex and concave, mineral and organic. His most recent works evolving between anthropomorphism and abstraction, are part of the tradition of simple shapes of sculptors who have been able to mark the modern history of La Borne. Set in a space and installed on the ground, these sculptures act as the protagonists of a silent piece reminiscent of the monoliths of a constantly changing landscape. Never frozen, it is always likely to be reconfigured or connected to other objects or foreign organic elements.




Period : 2016

Origin : FRANCE

Material : BRONZE

Dimension : H88 x W29 x D16 cm

Price on request