The service consists of plates, cups and a medieval-style bowl. “It’s my favorite piece, I saw one in a Rubens painting and wanted to add it to my collection. “It was the ceramist Anita Le Grelle who introduced Delphine Boël to Serax. The latter was given carte blanche to design its service. “I really liked the idea of creating objects for everyday use, objects that would make my work accessible to everyone. The words and sentences are very representative of what I do. Words have enormous power. Either they give a positive impulse or they break. My theme “Blabla” is a position against gossip. By that I mean that it is better to talk about constructive things than to waste time talking about them. I am very amused by the fact that a plate conveys this message. I also have a’blah, blah, blah, blah. One day, I took a friend to a party in London. The gossip about an absent person was going well, so much so that at one point I couldn’t stand it anymore. I expressed my dissatisfaction and left. The friend in question, who had come with me and knew no one, was forced to follow me. He told me that it was there and at that time that he fell in love with me. This man is now my husband. »

“The theme’Love’ is more recent. I have been working on this because of the problems we are currently facing. I am not the last one to do provocation in art, but I have a feeling that right now we all need positive things. “Love” is a cliché word, but in the context of shared meals and moments, I found it quite acceptable. “In addition to the graphic motifs of her texts, Delphine Boël also created the dishes. The asymmetrical serrated edges of this service refer to his work with papier mâché.

Everything is packed in an elegant box with the artist’s signature. In short, a great gift to offer!



Model : “LOVE” collection


Editor : SERAX

Period : 2017

Origin : BELGIUM

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