Courtesy of Alice Gallery

While his early work focused more on the dark side of modern culture, this artist has recently developed an interest in ancient cultures and primitive art – especially in the way in which he can relate them to graffiti and Street Art.

His pictorial work is a mixture of figurative and abstract art. It mixes very different elements and aesthetics. It combines the human, the animal, the object, the geometric and the cybernetic with ample color, to later expand this series by combining and relating these characters with landscapes, pop art and pre-Columbian popular art with modern urban art and traditional ethnic art. He is an artist who uses his work in different mediums to create a universe of his own that is, at the same time, universal.

His is influenced by the urban landscape of his cosmopolitan city of birth, Barcelona, its architecture and popular social culture. There is also a strong influence of ancestral cultures, of cosmovisions especially from the Andean and Mesoamerican cultures, with their fluid colors, their wisdom and mysticism. In addition, nature is present in practically all of his work. A key part of the development of his artistic work has been his continuous trips around the world, especially those made to the American continent. Here he has shown deep concern for pre-Columbian cultures, which artistically has led to the use of millenary techniques such as ceramics or looms. These techniques have expanded his artistic language.

In works like his, it is interesting to see elements of the Inca cultures in relation to contemporary languages, and even more, to see how these cultures and their worldview permeate European identities. It establishes a connection between the ancestral precolonial and the contemporary European.

In the words of the artist himself:

All cultures are connected by the most primitive essence that we carry in the deepest part of our being, and from their ancestral interconnection a new language is born, which only reaffirms all its greatness. My intention is to interpret these cultures in a new way and look at them from a different perspective, one based on respect and admiration. Today my work continues to be inspired by the ancient world but at the same time also in the present, comparing them and transmuting them in imaginary dualities, that exist between the past and the future.


Model : Ensamblaje de telar #1
Artist : Sixe Parades
Period : 2016
Dimension : 158x185cm
Material : Mixed Media


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