At the beginning of his career as an artist, he worked on hot glass. There, he built himself through the contact of various Belgian, Dutch and Murano masters. The artist then, moves into a process where the desire to evolve artistically is omnipresent ; through the desire to develop a “new language”, he explores stone, steel and bronze. Attracted by the expression of movement, real or suggested, the fluidity and tension of his art pieces accentuate the sculpted movement as a symbol of the vitality of his creations.

Eric-Luc Maquet bring us in his dreams of evasion and freedom
An original idea that has been developing and refined over the past three years to create ambiguous and monumental works that we would like to meet more often in squares, public gardens and other cultural events.




Origin : BELGIUM

Model : MÛ-35 and MÛ-47

Material : white bronze / blue & silver patina (MÛ-47)

bronze / brown & gold patina (MÛ-35)

Dimension : 61 x 36 x 14 cm (MÛ-47)

60 x 59 x 31 cm (MÛ-35)


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