With The Flag Halyard Chair, Wegner acknowledges the early modernists such as Le Corbusier, Mies van der Rohe, and Marcel Breuer, and proves that he too masters designs in chromium-plated steel pipes. Despite this gesture, the chair is still decidedly Wegner. The chair’s surfaces are made of plaited flag halyard with the longhaired sheepskin softening the industrial sharpness of the steel, adding comfort.

Although the appearance of the Flag Halyard Chair seems rather futuristic, the basic idea was conceived on a hot summer afternoon in rather trivial circumstances. While the kids were playing in the shallow waters along the beach, Wegner was digging himself into the sand building a comfortable chair to enjoy the holidays. Back in the summerhouse Wegner made the first sketches using the seating angles that he had conceived on the beach.

pp225 comes with pillow straps in the same leather as the neck pillow, and a white or colored sheepskin can be selected.
All sheepskin are produced in Iceland, and are a bi-product of food production. All sheep have lived in the open fields, and hides are processed without the use of chrome.




Designer : HANS WEGNER

Editor : PP Mobler

Period : 1950

Origin : Denmark

Dimension : 104 x 105 x 38/80 cm

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