Financial Agency Petercam Place Gudule (2005)




Spatial arrangement of VIP offices for the Petercam bank, Place Gudule à Bruxelles.

With a comforting and stimulating spirit, all the meeting rooms, reception, VIP rooms and common space have been redesigned in their entirety. The purpose of the project was to

The aim of the project was to give a real identity to these spaces and at the same time to offer to the client a comfortable,  reassuring and visionary vision. This is with that purpose in mind that the furniture and art selection is turned to the future.


The main philosophy is focused on a coherent spirit and space harmonization. The customer must feel welcomed in a warming space

All the furnitures have been chosen contemporary and warm to enhance the feeling of well being.

Caroline Notté has favored noble, timeless and warm materials, textures and finishing coupled with a warm and elegant color palette. The perfect balance with a dash of daring for this private bank.

SPACE : 1000 m2


Traqueur de lumières


Caroline Bia

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