Urban farm design

Creation of urban vegetable gardens for the Peas&love group in France and Belgium by maximising surface area and orientation.

Creation of paths, portals, meeting places in light wooden structures and recycled materials. A bit like a city plan, we build main axes, roundabouts, and use the slopes as terraced roofs.

What is the “Peas & Love” experience? Peas & Love is the vegetable garden in your neighbourhood, where we take care of your vegetables, salads and herbs, so that you can rediscover the taste of the real thing and the pleasure of sharing.

Being a Peas & Lover means … having your own garden, harvesting delicious local vegetables, joining a committed community, discovering our beautiful nature, participating in workshops on the farm, expressing and sharing your values, eating healthier and in season and adopting a more responsible diet.

David Loyd Brussels


Domus Paris