Coast House in Knokke Le Zoute



Inspired by the typical Northern beach cabins (pointed roof and red and white stripes), Caroline has designed in a very creative and playful way a haven of peace, referring to her childhood, sublimating by the passing years. Result? Style experiment interesting, in the way of a puzzle, her ideas come together to form new creations, new partitions. She plays with codes and colors, mixing the materials, the trends for a surprising result, but nevertheless very well mastered, stunning and breaking with all the prejudices we might have in the interior design field.


No doubt, we are in the « Zoute ». But don’t be fooled : not on the beach ! Once the entrance door crossed, a burst of tonic colours naturally imposes the unique rule of the house : the rigorous dullness and boring fuss of the week remain at the dock! Everything is designed and thought to disconnect and plunge into a holiday feeling.

The main room is ingeniously structured by a brick wall, paint in black which marks the transition between the dining from the living room. Every object has a story related, it is a « passion house ».


The red line leads to the floor where the space has been redesigned to create three spacious and bright bedrooms with their own bathroom.

Protected from the wind and out of sight, this house is extended by a paved courtyard which reminds the pretty and typical wall courtyard from island of Ré. A fresco from the artist Alvari (student of Jean-Luc Moerman) add a touch of dynamism in the garden.

The house’s studio, isolated from the rest of the house is nestled at the back of the courtyard and has been deeply renovated. A wide opening in the roof completes the brightness of this place dedicated to creation. A spectacular piece of wall has been redecorated with recycled fir slats, colors and widths, a tribute to Arne Quinze.


And  here the red thread is bringing us back to the starting point of this « house of ideas », the entrance door – or exit door, according to the point of view – like a fresh gust of wind, Caroline Notté had the chic to put our ideas back in place.







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