New icon in the Brussels skyline

Exclusive Urban Lifestyle…here takes place The Cosmopolitan, the new icon of the Dansaert/Ste Catherine district, and here is how CN made these words hers to create the perfect atmosphere for this showroom flat.
The place is dedicated to making you feel comfortable thanks to a color palette perfectly chosen according to the function of each room, varying from a yellow ocher, pinkish beige, a turquoise blue to a pastel green.
In the kitchen/dining/ living room, you can find two vintage armchairs by Tatra Nabitok creating a cozy living with the Strato low table by Living Divan and a sofa. A beautiful carpet designed by NaniMarquina delimits the space dedicated to the dining room, a shelving system made by Bashko Trybek for La Chance can be used to tidy the dishes or as a way to showcase some accessories and sculptures.
For the kid room, the motto was simplicity and modernity. It was achieved thanks to furnitures with simple geometric shapes
The idea of simplicity was kept in the parents’ bedroom, but with a hint of elegance achieved by the contrast of the blackish geometric furnitures with the pinkish beige wall.
In the nook set a Jules Wabbes armchair, Ayush Kasliwal bowl tables and a pair of mirrors creating a cozy corner in the bedroom. The purity of the furnitures’ lines highlight this feeling of a tasteful and delicatespace.
This place is thought to rise yourself and be inspired. The mix of vintage and contemporary pieces of design and art create the perfect harmony between urban lifestyle and comfort, functional and beautiful, making this apartment exceptional.
Perfect for a city dweller in search of a lively and inspiring place where it is good to live in.