Renovation of the Two Guide Michelin stars (2016)


A place in which chef Christophe Hardiquest, with the delightful complicity of his team, acts as a conductor playing in plain sight of all. The kitchen opens onto the dining room, offering a discreet and unique ballet, a converging of synergies between creation and tasting.
L’Arbre à papilles is an installation arising from the meeting with the Chef Christophe Hardiquest and Jean Francois d’or within the two Guide Michelin restaurant Bon Bon. Praise of tradition and transmission of knowledge, a large tree root pierces the wall of the entrance. These taste roots are deep greedy memories.
Quintessence of this slow alchemy, the germ of a long history rooted in underground fiber, a tree emerges from the other side of the wall with a generous contemporary translation of taste memory.

Bon Bon restaurant, Chef Christophe Hardiquest, haute cuisine gastronomic salon.
Two Guide Michelin stars.


Jean-François d’or

Bon Bon Restaurant

Pictures © Stéphanie Derouaux © Bon Bon – Philippe D. © Bon Bon – Richard Haughton.


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