Fantasies of the night at the Ancienne Nonciature



For the Maison Leysen’s 160 birthday, Caroline Notté has imagined a whole scenography around « Fantasies of a night ». A project which includes both windows display drawn like a showcase in the aim to show the best of the jewelleries and the ceremony set up. A journey that envelops the visitor in a universe and during which he gradually discovers the installation to the rhythm of black opaque curtains, which maintain a mystery and invite sensory experiences and discoveries.


Driven by a willing of eternal creation and excellence, the Maison Leysen level up the jewels to art. A jewel is more than an accessory, people never get tired of touching and looking at it, despite all the years. Step by step, it becomes the precious witness of our lives. It doesn’t matter what you wish for, a diamond, a ring, a necklace, a brooch, the wonderful object will be handed over generation to generation. Holding with it a small part of each woman that has the chance to wear it.


We estimate that each client is unique, therefore we take the time to listen to you, in order to answer in the best way to your expectations. Regardless of your wishes or your budget, your project needs our attention. The Royal Belgian Family, crowned heads and celebrities but also amateurs of exceptional pieces have been putting their trust in us since years. The Maison Leysen ensure a personalised welcome and the insurance of  total discretion.


The Maison Leysen has been implemented in Bruxelles from the beginning.

For 40 years, it has taken up residence in one of the most beautiful squares in the city, Place des Sablons.

All our jewelleries are handcrafted in our Belgian workshops. We bring a particular care to the choice of stones. They are shaped according to our own drawings by our craftsmen, who are famous in all the trades of jewellery and goldsmith. Years of expertise have led Henri Leysen to become one of the patented suppliers of the Court. Our house is also a member of the « Brussels Exclusive Labels » which gather all the most prestigious brands in the capital.




Interior designer in charge of the restoration Anne Derasse

Nonciature | Sablon Area (Brussels) Ancienne Nonciature