Mario Marenco graduated in architecture in 1957, in Naples, and then obtained research grants in Stockholm and Chicago. In 1960 he opened his own architecture and design studio: Studio DEGW, based in Rome. He has collaborated with the most important Italian car manufacturers for the realization of their exhibition stands.

Before his television debut in 1972 with Cochi and Renato and Enzo Jannacci in the program Il buono e il cattivo, he achieved success in 1970 with the radio program Alto gradimento written with Giorgio Bracardi and conducted by Arbore and Boncompagni themselves. It was Mr. Ramengo in L’altro domenica, a freaky reportage correspondent who shouted “Carmine!” after each reportage. He was the protagonist of the programs Odeon and The Egg and the Cube. In the eighties he participated in several television programs, including Under the Stars (by Magalli, Minellono, Marenco and Boncompagni) where it was produced in Prof. Aristogitone and in several other sketches, and Back all! where he played the character of the child Riccardino.

He has sporadically been an actor for the cinema, bringing his spots to the big screen, but he has also been directed by Dino Risi in a couple of television works. He is the author of humorous books published by Rizzoli, including The Scarecrow in the Swill, Our Special Envoy, Los putanados, Stupefax and The Notebook of Poems.







Period : 1970

Origin : ITALY

Dimension : 300 cm or 200 cm


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