A new life for Ecart International

Pierre Yovanovitch, the renowned interior designer, has recently expanded his ventures by acquiring the Ecart International and Argentat factory. This factory specializes in high-quality joinery, cabinet-making, and tapestry, aligning perfectly with Yovanovitch’s commitment to exceptional French artisanship. The acquisition marks a significant milestone for Yovanovitch, as it allows him to have a direct hand in the production of the exquisite furniture and design elements he is known for.

Ecart International with the renowned interior designer Pierre Yvanovitch

In addition to acquiring the Argentat factory, Pierre Yovanovitch has also taken ownership of Ecart International. Founded by the legendary designer Andrée Putman, Ecart International is renowned for its iconic furniture pieces, 30S design furniture perfect for modern houses design and collaborations with esteemed artists and designers such as Eillen Grey, Pierre Chareau, Jean Michel Frank, Bruno Moinard, studio Putman, etc.
Yovanovitch’s ownership of Ecart International represents a continuation of the brand’s legacy of timeless design and craftsmanship, further solidifying his position as a leading figure in the world of interior design. These acquisitions not only showcase Pierre Yovanovitch’s dedication to preserving and promoting exceptional French craftsmanship but also highlight his vision for expanding his influence in the design industry.


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