Vladimir Kagan creates his designs with upholstery, wrought iron, cast aluminum and especially organically sculpted wood in works that became hallmarks of his career. Kagan introduces his first signature furniture collection called ‘Tri-symmetric’ in 1949. In 1958 Kagan designs “capricorn”, an indoor-outdoor iron collection through W&J Sloan. After the partnership with Dreyfus dissolves in 1960, Kagan continued exploring fresh forms and materials. In 1964, Kagan redesigns the Monsanto House of the Future at Disneyland, in California. In 1970 the first Omnibus collection is introduced. His company continued to function under the new name Vladimir Kagan Designs. On May 19, 1972 a fire destroyed Kagan’s entire factory in New York. In 1974 Kagan designs the executive suite for Prudential Insurance Co. in Newark, New Jersey. In 1975 Kagan designs the office of Warner Communications’ senior vice president In 1987 he closes the factory and showroom and starts his new consulting firm: The Vladimir Kagan Design Group. In 1997 Gucci uses his Omnibus collection for all its 360 stores around the world. In 2001 Kagan designs a Bombay Sapphire martini glass. In 2002 he designs the lobby for the Standard Hotel Downtown in Los Angeles.




Model : MINI SOFA – MODEL 9441


Period : 2014

Dimension : W 245 cm x D 120 cm x H 75 cm


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