As early as 1927, in close collaboration with cabinetmaker Otto Korhonen, Aalto explored the possibilities of glued laminated wood. Before that day, the tubular structure had dominated furniture design, but Aalto understood wood as “inspiring forms and a deeply human material”. Together, they test different wood species, different glues and observe the deformations during drying … Inspired by the creations of Breuer and Thonet, Aalto finally develops an innovative process: he makes longitudinal grooves in the wood on the part to be bent, in which he inserts, before gluing, plywood strips. They give the legs the strength and flexibility needed to obtain a curve of over 90 degrees. Thus, after much research into the possibilities of wood, the “Paimio chair” was born.


Model: Paimio Chair

Designer:  Alvar Aalto

Materials: laminated wood

Period: 1931-1932

Origins: Finland

Dimension: 66 x 60,3 x 87,6 cm

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