Pierre Chapo fait peaux neuves

Passionate about decorative arts, Yves Salomon has reimagined several iconic pieces of furniture created by designer Pierre Chapo in the 1950s. These models are now dressed in sheepskin, one of the specialties of the prestigious Parisian furrier.

In the Yves Salomon boutique on rue Saint-Honoré in Paris, you can admire a concentrated history of design. Pieces such as the glamorous wire armchair by Warren Platner, the table by Carlo Bugatti, typical of Italian design in the 1930s, the ultra-geometric benches and chairs by Josef Hoffmann, and the wooden tables by radical designer Gaetano Pesce. These pieces sit alongside fur coats, leather trench coats, and water-repellent cotton parkas, creating a fascinating blend between fashion and design.

 Pierre Chapo Gets a Makeover

It’s no surprise for someone whose mother, Inna Salomon, ran one of the most famous surrealist art galleries in post-war France, frequented by the likes of André Breton. With an instinctive approach, the lively septuagenarian frequents art fairs, particularly PAD (Paris Art Design), cutting-edge galleries like Romain Morandi’s, and, of course, the Saint-Ouen flea markets on weekends, the unchallenged temple of vintage furniture.

It was there, ten years ago, that he fell in love with a solid elm sideboard, honey-colored with austere shapes, assembled without nails or screws, using the mortise and tenon technique. This piece, now a daily companion, still takes pride of place in his kitchen-dining room. Intrigued by the history of this furniture, Yves Salomon discovered it was a creation of Pierre Chapo. Thus began the second life of these iconic pieces.


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