PLYN, which means fluidity in Ukrainian. Inspired by the soft power of water, the PLYN armchair, designed by the Ukrainian designer-architect, Victoria Yakusha, brings a natural calmness to the spaces in which it sits. 

The vast blocks remind the coastal stones that are formed and softened by water over time. The convergence of fluidity with the heft of the silhouette creates an eye-catching contrast with a remarkable impact. 

With the reflection on the nature of water and fluidity of being by the PLYN armchair, Victoria Yakusha highlights her love for the Ukrainian culture and traditions. In fact, in Ukraine, ancestors believed in the special power the water gained during the Summer Solstice, a time when nature renews itself, and celebrated it with praising rites.



Designer : Victoria Yakusha 

Period : 2010

Origin : Ukraine

Dimension :  80 x175 x 110 cm 

                   Seat Height: 80 cm 

                   Weight: 77 kg

Materials and Techniques : Textile, Foam rubber, Sintepon

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