For 10 years now Velasco has had a predilection for sculptures of dogs, molding and assembling them with a great variety of materials.The artist refrains from realistic description, he puts forward neither interpretations nor judgments and he follows no storyline; he limits himself to staging a fascinating and alienating visual creation, to encourage contemplation, generating new sense and meaning.

Vitali’s animals are almost always life-size, realistic although created in a very free way. Their positions convey a certain tension through voluntary deformations and at times almost pathetic or stupefied attitudes.
Each dog is different, has a clean soul and carries a strange feeling of plastic solitude, whatever his posture. This loneliness persists even as the artist gathers a complete pack in a confined space. You never see a dog running or in an aggressive attitude; these beings are resigned, stunned and disoriented.


Courtesy of LKFF gallery



Model : PRINCE


Period : 2012

Dimension : 67 cm x 66 cm


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