Charlotte Perriand designed the Rio table in two different sizes.

Between 1962 and 1967 Charlotte Perriand adapted this table for the Japanese Embassy in Paris enlarging its measurements.
Rio is made up of six staggered segments of different radii, an outer edge in solid wood and a central hole which becomes the center of its spatial gravity.
The unusual beauty of this table makes it a decorative object for the home as well as a functional piece of furniture


Model : Rio

Designer : Charlotte Perriand

Editor : Cassina

Period : 1962

Origin :

Dimension : 140/127xh.33.1cm.


Material: Natural oak with an oak gloss finishes inserts in Viennese straw.

Natural oak with a low gloss finishes inserts in Carerra white marble with a low gloss finish.

Open pore stained black oak with a low gloss finish inserts in Marquina black marble with a low gloss finish.


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