Indoors, this wall lamp will bring new magic to your bathroom with its sparkling myriad prisms. When powered down, it will blend into your room like a mirrored art object. Outdoors, it will add new interest to the walls of your home or sit camouflaged among plants… but in the evening, it will light your patio or garden with its thousands of LED point light sources. This wall lamp can be installed horizontally or vertically, and is available in two lengths.

The new LÖ collection from Sammode has been created in collaboration with Yann Kersalé. The polar inspiration embodied in these 4 luminaires will take you far beyond the Arctic Circle on a journey through the imagination of the artist.

This luminaire is supplied ready to install, fully equipped with its own cable, light source and wall outlet. All our luminaires are manufactured, assembled and packaged at our Châtillon-sur-Saône production plant in the Vosges region of France.

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