Børge Mogensen was a pioneer who helped establish Denmark as a culture of furniture design. His life-long ambition was to create durable, useful furniture that would enrich people’s everyday lives. Functional furniture for all parts of the home and society. 

Mogensen believed that furniture should create a sense of tranquillity and have a modest appearance that encourages people to live their lives unpretentiously. He was acclaimed for his masterful sense of materials and proportions. Along with his ability to create beautiful, distinctive furniture by emphasising simple horizontal and vertical lines and surfaces. All in an attempt to create clean, aesthetically-pleasing designs that were easy to produce. 

Solid oak and original congnac leather.

H: 60 cm/ 1′ 11″
W: 81 cm/ 2′ 8″
D: 56 cm/ 1′ 10″
Seat height: 34 cm/13 1/2″

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