A wooden table lamp designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright for his 1911 Taliesin house in Wisconsin (one of 10 of his building’s nominated for the UNESCO World Heritage list) is now available internationally. The Taliesin 4 lamp has been released outside of Japan by lighting brand Yamagiwa, which was given permission to reproduce a collection of the late American architect’s lamps by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.

“The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation has been offering reproductions of Wright’s decorative designs through its licensees since 1985,” said Yamagiwa’s website. “After many successful endeavours, there was a strong desire to offer the public lamps that had been designed for prominent residences designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.”

Wright’s Taliesin 4 design comprises a series of boxes containing the light sources, attached to its stem at alternate perpendicular angles to form vertical layers.

The boxes are open at the top and bottom, allowing the light to reflect off thin flat panels that can be slotted on either above or below each one.

Available in walnut and cherry, the lamp also features red squares up its length where the boxes connect with the stand.

“Wright used his favourite red colour to create the rhythm for this sculpture-like lamp,” said a statement from Yamagiwa. “The red square was used as a [logo] generated by his studio as well.”

Taliesin 4 is the shortest in a series, with editions 2 and 3 featuring longer stems and more light bulbs to provide floor-lamp versions.

“Wright had a great respect to the climate and conditions of the site and space when he was engaged in the project,” said Yamagiwa. “Therefore, the materials and also the scale were adjusted accordingly.”

All three were developed from the Taliesin 1 pendant lamp, created to illuminate a theatre at the architect’s 1911 residence in Taliesin, Wisconsin – the estate where the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation and Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture are both now located.





Period : 2015 (ORIGINAL : 1911)

Origin : JAPAN



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