KRJST aims at putting the concept of contemplation back into the contemporary art scene, offering an emotion more than a sensation. Textile art is both familiar and complex. The observer must be able to approach it and closely look into details, then to take some distance to apprehend the big picture; they can touch it and feel it, even with their eyes shut.

By giving itself time for creation, KRJST takes an intimate awareness of time both as the place of change and a place of permanence and as a place of reconciliation between traditional and ritual technique and experimental and modern technique, making dialogue between laborious work of weaving and the moment of the gesture. The binary relationship between the jacquard and the processor is already evocative in itself. Such an oscillation between the past and the future between craftsmanship and technology, reflecting the importance of keeping our roots and yet living with the times. 

According to the alchemical principles we can only get to the end of the road if we do not know what we are looking for. The unconscious arises in the creative process and allows the artist to present himself as the guardian of the limits of appearance and to show his / the in-visible.


Model : AWE

Designer : KRJST studio

Period : 2019

Material : Laine mérino, mohair, polyamide, élirex, polyester, acrylique, mono fil, coton
Dimension : H 400 x l 300 cm


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