The manifestations of Markus Hofer’s works can be extremely different. However, it is the constantly resurfacing thematic approaches such as place, time and material, that permeate the work and reach us packaged as humor, irritation and variation.

Everyday objects are modified by specific interventions so that viewing these things leaves us in doubt of the circumstances of reality. It is only for a short time, but it is exactly this moment of irritation that is an essential component in Markus Hofer´s objects.

Answering the question how our perception determines our reality, and thus becoming one of the foundations of our existence, succeeds by constantly dismissing the most obvious association.

So, for example, in Hofer’s work a chair is not a chair, but perhaps a plant or another object, whose function is not immediately revealed.

Courtesy of LKFF




Period : 2019

Origin : AUSTRIA

Material : Metal , mastic , painting , porcelain

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