An atypical and creative designer, coupled with a virtuoso draughtsman, it is not surprising that Pol Quadens’ work flirts with sculpture. The line is the unifying element of her whole approach; it is it that nourishes the notions of asymmetry and balance that are dear to her.

VERTIGO – What could appear as a free form is the result of a lot of research, a lot of hesitation, trial and error, corrected one after the other. Contrary to what they say, only the route counts. The Vertigo, which is one of the many directions adopted in sculpture by Pol QUADENS, must therefore give the impression of freedom that has only been achieved through masterful constraints, corrected drawings, failed and repeated attempts.

“It is difficult to say what led me to these forms, to these disorganized organized superstructures. I don’t think about it, I draw, I build connections, I build connections, I branch out the welds, I refine them, I make joints, bridges, they are paths in the sky, paths of stars, trails of planets, the materialization of a disorderly convolution. The relationship to the universe, to the cosmos, is obvious, they are journeys, paths with their crossroads, braking and accelerations represented by the differences in section of branches, nodes. Friedrich Nietzsche speaks of knowledge of the universe by telling us that man accesses it to the extent of his knowledge of himself: the more he discovers things in himself, the more he is surprised by his person, the more he accesses the knowledge of the universe.

Freedom is in the result, it is not for me, it is for the viewer who has never seen such a structure. It will be difficult for him to say what it makes him think, difficult to stick any vegetable, animal, mineral reference… Freedom is undoubtedly in solitude, in nothing.”




Designer : POL QUADENS


Period : 2013

Origin : BELGIUM

Dimension : 300 x 400 cm


Price Request



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