The Wagenfeld lamp is one of the most famous lamps of the Bauhaus era. The WG25 variant of the world famous lamp was designed in 1925 by Wilhelm Wagenfeld (1900-1990). Unlike the original WG24 model, the WG25 lamp has a nickel-plated metal frame instead of a glass frame. The glass foot is identical in both models.

Wilhelm Wagenfeld apprenticed in a silversmith’s factory and attended art school before being admitted to the world-famous Bauhaus workshop, where he created this great classic, also known as the Wagenfeld lamp or Bauhaus lamp. With his metal and glass creations, Wagenfeld was one of the leading industrial designers of his time.

The W lamp by Wilhelm Wagenfeld is available in different models. The WG25 lamp has this very characteristic opal glass dome. The lamp base is made of glass, the frame is made of nickel-plated metal.

The Wagenfeld lamp is manufactured according to Wilhelm Wagenfeld’s original dimensions and materials by Tecnolumen. Tecnolumen is the only manufacturer authorized to produce the reissue of the Wagenfeld lamp, protected by copyright. Of course, all the lamps carry the Bauhaus and Tecnolumen logos.




Model : WG25


Period : 1924

Dimension : H 36 cm x D 18cm


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