Xavier Le Normand blows glass and extracts from the burning mass organic forms. A central depression signs most of his works. It focuses the light, grabs it on the surface of the glass. The sculptor then cuts the glass cold. It reveals the different colored layers (overlays) or creates a network of repetitive patterns. Static landscapes appear on the surface of the glass. Xavier Le Normand plays with the translucency of glass often hidden from view. It is only observed at the limits of volume: between two layers of glass or on the surface of a silver. The artist often gives his material a deep opacity that invites touch. In his art, he confronts the immediacy and perpetual movement of blowing the burning glass faced to the time invested when he reworks and resculpts the cold glass. The artist feeds his never-ending inspiration from his many travels throughout the world, where he encountered the very best, such as Monica Guggisberg & Philippe Baldwin. His sculptures seem like imaginary geographies, crossed by strange rivers or volcanoes; unknown gassy planets; multi-colored spheres that fascinate the viewer. In 2009, Xavier le Normand was laureate of the prestigious “Prix Liliane Bettencourt pour l’Intelligence de la Main”.

Courtesy of LKFF gallery





Origin : FRANCE

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