Caroline Notté, founder and principal of Caroline Notté agency and gallery, is a Belgian architect and interior designer creating multi-faceted environments. Notté is internationally recognized with distinctive design awards and numerous publications.

With an artistic background and specialised in a major form of art – Architecture – Notté completed her all-round artist resume with a training at the New York Institute of Photography. Prior to launching her own practice (2005), she welcomed the opportunity to work with Marc Corbiau and Lionel Jadot.

As an architect, interior designer, photographer and professor at the College of Advertising & Design, Notté open her agency in 2005 and view herself as Andrée Putman puts it, a “multi-faceted artist“. Using unexpected juxtapositions, mix and match compositions, colors and volumes, the architect creates a world where the daring and exceptional take place.

 “I love creating new universe and “non déjà vu” spaces. My style is not strictly defined, it’s a free style approach and the right style.

Notté choose a Bauhaus house, an icon of the Brussel’s landscape, to establish her studio and gallery of art, vintage and design.

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