« Le paysage est un tissage de formes et de couleurs, je puise ma force créative dans la nature qui ne cesse de nous étonner et que nous devons préserver et vénérer »  

BA22033 MINIMAL 33


BA45064 CURVES 64

BA12050 FORMS 50Caroline Notté, architect and multidisciplinary artist creates amazing universes where color, matter and forms play essential roles in her compositions.

Constantly inspired by the work of the great masters of the Bauhaus and its environment (his studio is in the house of Louis Herman de Koninck), Notté advocates a return to basics.

As a painter on his canvas, Notte composes frames of colors, always looking for accuracy, daring audacity, between lines games, shapes and materials. The textile and weaving become its support through a collection of carpets with formal and colorful notes that Caroline Notté pays homage to the centenary of the emblematic movement, associating emotions and history.

Limited Edition designs, produces and sells high-quality, custom-made contemporary rugs. Each is characterised by the use of high-quality materials (silk, linen, wool, leather) which vary in size, colour and dimensions to suit the specific requirements of each customer.

Size and price on request.

Limited Edition

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