Mr.Oops (Gérard) , designed by the french interior architect, Pierre Yovanovitch, is an embroidered solid oiled oak chair made in a luxurious and relaxed spirit and draws a parallel between fashionable furniture. Pierre Yovanovitch is known to be an illustrious ambassador for French style, and loves to work presenting bespoke luxury and unprecedented elegance. His creations combine an extreme chic, with culture and clean lines, counterbalanced with the use of rare wood, marble marquetry floors, and metal sculpted doors. Ornament is pared back to the essential creating a unique style where nothing is left unconsidered.


Model : MR. OOPS GÉRARD (chair)

Designer : pierre yovanovitch

Origin : France 

Dimensions :  88 ×  47 × 57 cm

Materials and Techniques : Oiled solid oak, oxidized solid oak legs, fabric, Maison Lesage embroidery

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