The NychairX was born in 1970. It has been sold in various countries for over 40 years since it was first created by Japanese designer Takeshi Nii. With a concept rooted in Japanese-style living environments, this chair boasts a simple, beautiful and functional design that makes it suitable for any location. The NychairX is praised and loved the world over for its Japan-made quality and comfort.

The NychairX fits into a floor space around the size of a dinner table.
The chair’s minimalist design creates a place to relax without taking up much space.
The height of the seat and elbow rests is set based on ergonomics and typical living environments, and the backrest angle and chair fabric combine to create maximum comfort for the user.

It can be folded and carried between rooms at just 6.5kg, the NychairX is light and easy to carry for women and men alike. And measuring just 15cm deep, it can be folded up and stored with ease.



Designer : TAKESHI NII


Period : 1970

Origin : JAPAN


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