The screen tribute to the submerged forest of Lake Gatùn by reda Amalou

Believing in nature and letting it express itself: this is the act of creation that gives birth to the Panama screen. This unique piece is designed by the architect and designer Reda Amalou. It pays homage to the forest submerged by the waters of Lake Gatún, in the heart of Panama.

Through the Panama screen, Reda Amalou brings back to life a nature that has been forgotten for nearly 100 years. The walnut and zapatero wood used comes from a forest submerged by the waters of Lake Gatún, one of the largest artificial lakes in the world, created in 1913.

Immersed in mineralized waters, deprived of oxygen and dried by the sun when it recedes, this wood has acquired a unique character and hue. It is sublimated through this exceptional screen, a true work of art made as a unique piece for the Collection Galerie de Reda Amalou. Its raw design, the silky irregularity of its panels, let nature express itself. The living, majestic material inhabits this collector’s item.

The wood was supplied by the company Reduxwood. It was she who secured Lake Gatún. Beneath its waters lies an entire forest of massive trees, alive since the time of Christopher Columbus. Gradually, the trees became a hazard to navigation on the lake, especially during the low season. Native Panamanians were surprised by trunks rising to the surface, and the tops of tropical hardwoods became visible when the waters receded.

The Panamanian peoples therefore dived under the troubled waters to cut down the trees using hydraulic chainsaws. In order not to disturb the environment, vegetable oil was used as a lubricant, instead of refined crude oil. Once harvested, the wood was dried for nearly three years and hand

finished by artisans. Several pieces of art, homage to nature, were born from it, in particular the Panama screen signed Reda Amalou Design.

“PANAMA” has come a long way: this screen is made of wood selected from the forest partly submerged by the Gatùn, an artificial lake created during the construction of the Panama Canal. 

Material : Walnut  & Zapatero

Unique Piece