While the shape of these pieces occasionally resemble the turrets of a castle, the name actually comes from the game of chess. The rook can jump any distance, yet it is restricted to moving orthogonally.

The limitless configurations of the light can also be used to define space, a key feature of 1970s Supergraphics, by which this design is inspired.

Jason Miller is a Brooklyn-based designer and the founder of Roll & Hill. Born in New York and raised in Darien, Connecticut, Jason’s suburban upbringing heavily influenced his early, more conceptual pieces — duct-taped chairs and cracked vases, among them — and continues to inform the elegant, historically rich work that has become his signature. Jason received an MFA in painting and spent time in both the art and advertising worlds, but soon realized he preferred making things to documenting them. His designs — like a mirror whose photographic surface recalls a painted landscape — still often reflect those early preoccupations, but each is a functional object, with a kind of beauty and wit. 



Model : CASTLE


Editor : MATTER

Period :

Origin : USA

Dimension : L 46cm x W 46cm x H 107 cm


Price Request


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