Jules Lobgeois French contemporary designer. Over the years, his studies in Paris (ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres), in Rennes (Applied Arts Advanced Diploma) and then at Kaspar Hamacher’s workshop, allowed him to enrichen his aesthetic and technical qualities. “I work on contrast. The one which opposes the natural to the manufactured, the warm to the cold, the curve to the straight, that opposes the wood’s smoothness to the metal’s brutality. By hand, I’m sculpting, the wood and the steel, together or separately, to create unique and bespoke pieces. When I work with wood my inspiration comes from a visual culture that I have developed throughout the years during different treks. This allows me to elaborate a sensual, soft and slim wood design. My metal work is about pushing the boundaries of a material which is already transformed. It’s to consider a steel profile not only as building element but also as a surface, a functional pattern, a lone object.”

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