2 garçons Ta Ta!


Les Deux Garçons is the collective name of Michel Vanderheijden van Tinteren and Roel Moonen, who met each other when they studied plastic design at the Academy of Visual Arts in Maastricht, the Netherlands. They’re well-known for their controversial taxidermy pieces: instead of giving the dead animals back their natural appearance they transform them into fantastic creatures. By transforming the natural into extraordinary, Les Deux Garçons bring new life, but also new meaning, to the animals and objects they choose to resurrect. Fascinated by the fleeting and random aspects of our existence, by the subjectivity behind the notions of good and evil, they confront the beholder with their odd, yet beautiful, endearing, yet shocking sculptures. Taxidermy is used as a potent medium to disturb, but mostly to discuss a variety of subjects: the contours of the line between good and bad, between life and death, between fantasy and reality…Creatin beautiful bizarre art pieces.

The often humorous and provoking pieces of Les Deux Garçons have been challenging people from all over the world to form an opinion. Just as with taxidermy there are many people who love their work, but also people who don’t. No matter what, seeing one or more of the fascinating works in person will be a memory you won’t easily forget…


*The animals used in Les Deux Garçons’ sculptures are never sacrificed on the hotel of their art. All animal components are recycled due to natural causes of death. They are then proposed to the artists.


Courtesy of LKFF gallery



Model : TA TA!



Dimension : H27 cm x diam 18 cm under bell


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