“Tramonto a New York’, a new piece by Gaetano Pesce that pays tribute to the city of New York through an artistic reproduction of its skyline in bright colour. 

Speaking of the polyurethane resin, Pesce notes: ‘The material used to make it is dear to me because it has more quality than glass in terms of transparency, brightness and non-fragility: resin is a better material than its traditional counterparts for its ease of workmanship and high-quality of its products.’

The screen is formed of three panels, each a unique signed piece, joined together with specially developed bronzed brass hinges. To recreate the vibrant skyline, Pesce poured coloured resin into moulds in different phases, choosing a palette that includes bright blue, pink and green, surmounted by a large red sun. No piece is alike, as the colours were mixed ad-hoc to recreate the right intensity. 

‘New York is a place thriving with innovation and colours,’ observes Pesce. ‘My screen recalls the shapes of its towers with the tints of their spatial vitality. The result is a positive, innovative, happy object that will bring value to the space where it will be placed

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