Destroyers / Builders 
Inspired by architectural shapes, the furniture pieces highlight the field between industry and human, through diverse materials. The interventions and finish by hand, give these objects a tactile aspect. The contrast in materials, the touchabilty, and the human traces that are still visible in the object, explain the method of Destroyers/Builders. Both contemporary and classical fragments are the base of the visual language. The Bolder Chair and Bolder Seat are inspired by columns, a diversity in white tones that can often be seen in old columns. Cross Vault is an ode to cross vaults, originally built up in brick. Archetype Daybed is inspired by old carving techniques.
Destroyers/Builders is a Brussels based design studio. With a focus on materiality the studio strives for sensory relevance and cultural value in detail and bigger scale. Their works have a sculptural and architectural character, but are always on the edge of contemporary material use and traditional crafts. The studio takes on projects that range from commissions to self-initiated projects, and extends across the realms of both product and interior design.