I love slowlife and kinfolk a nomadic style, at the crossroads of bohemian, folk, industrial and ethnic tendencies that seduce a generation in search of sincerity.

Its codes: raw materials, craftsmanship and friendliness. A bohemian and multicultural spirit that advocates craftsmanship, know-how and handmade.

Our selection of January presents passionate artists and craftsmen who work the essence of the material and privilege a return to the sources.

Ole Wansher, Bocci, Miles et Claire, Atelier Vierkant, Clothilde Ancarani, Catherine François, Valesco Vitalli, Isabelle de Borgchrave, Johana, Vasconcellos, Kaspar Hamacher, Nathalie du Pasquier, Xavier Lenormand, Ado Chale, Ibal Studio, Le Corbusier, Caroline Notté