Have you heard the big news? The BEL is welcoming 3 new members.
Openness is the key to expansion. That’s exactly why the BEL always keeps an eye out for new Brussels-based talents & takes pride in welcoming them into its circle of expertise. 
This month, we’d like to wish Caroline Notté, a warm welcome. We have no doubt she shall inspire us & you with their singular artistry & radiate Brussels uniqueness through their expertise. 
BEL presents Brussels luxury items in Belgium and beyond our borders, all of which encompass local savoir-faire, unique service and exceptional products.
Each one of these unique talents, that often exist from generation to generation, remind us that it is more important than ever to develop and perpetuate arts and crafts and services in order to embrace innovation, which is so intimately compatible with tradition, as well as cultivating curiosity.
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