SMALTO ASTRATTO Exhibition of ceramic lamps by the talented artist Adelie Ducasse. Visits by appointment until May 31

Keep your childlike soul

The intention of Adelie – a multifaceted artist whose colorful, playful and joyful universe is inspired by the spontaneity of childhood and its brightly colored games… such as legos and puzzles.Adélie Ducasse grew up on the French islands, New Caledonia and Réunion, where she developed her taste for colors and primitive shapes.The geometric abstract nature of her creations originated from her passion for mathematics – an extension of her childhood games.From her art objects, the joyful naivety and poetry of childhood is reborn.

Collectible 2023 come and visit us on stand B8

COLLECTIBLE is a one of a kind platform for the showcase and discovery of the best in collectible design today. Come and visit us on stand B8. The 6th edition of COLLECTIBLE, will take place from 9 to 12 March 2023 at Tour & Taxis, with a VIP and Press Preview on Wednesday, 8 March.

On this occasion we will present with axis 71 the new limited re-editions of the iconic lamps of Christophe Gevers, some of which have been chosen by Natan, Valérie Barkowski, Isabelle de Borchgrave and Le Cab.

On top of these limited Editions I also chose 3 finishes that have an intrinsic tint that in my opinion brings logic and meaning to these re-editions.
The first attitude was to think of a non-colour, a leaf that would have always existed, total respect to let the shape speak for itself.
The second was to choose a natural colour that would evolve over time, illustrating strength and resistance and a return to the roots. A corten (rusty bronze) finish as well as a greenish-grey copper that fits in perfectly with nature and with today’s interiors where the material is given pride of place, a timelessness assured.

CG01 by Christophe Gevers


“I believe I became a designer, because I was interested in the present,
which is the future and the past out of date.” Christophe Gevers

Designed by Christophe Gevers (1928-2007), this lamp excites aesthetes passionate about beauty and ingenuity.
To call oneself 01, one must be worthy to identify with perfection!
Like a woman’s body, the curve is captivating, the lamp perfectly captures the sensual side, but at the same time the modernist austerity.
A subtle mixture, delicately proportioned, this luminaire is more of a sculpture than a simple lighting, making the CG01 a work of art full of anecdotes.
Christophe Gevers has left an indelible mark on Belgian design with his feeling for materials and his tactile modernism. He is considered one of the most important interior designers of the post-war period.
He favored a warm, comfortable modernism, using noble and durable materials.
He founded his own company Gevers Design and worked as a professor at La Cambre in the decoration and furnishing department.
His work characterizes Belgian design and his creations are now sought after, hats off to the artist, Gevers enjoys the success he deserves!
Placed in 1968 in the restaurant “Le Cap d’Argent” in Brussels, the CG01 designed in a deep and frank red illuminated this brasserie and made this place an emblematic image of Belgian design.
Needless to say that the internationally renowned establishment “Aux Vieux Saint Martin” also integrates the 01 into its restaurant, frequented by great personalities. The Canterbury still bears witness to its unique style, that is by no means outdated.

Today the CG01 is being re-released by the Belgian premium lighting manufacturer axis71, with renowned architects and prestigious institutions subtly and judiciously choosing the appropriate colour.
Undoubtedly, this mythical object will illuminate your interior.

Available at  Bea Items – Knokke, Caroline Notté – Brussels, CAB Foundation – Saint Paul de Vence (France) Contact axis71 for the point of sales near you.

The Strate Table By Caroline Notté seen at the BRAFA

The Strate Table by Caroline Notté is a low table entirely made of enamel.
The enamelled steel plates reveals the sedimentary natural strates of the nature.
It shape expresses a root coming out of the soil, inking its strength since the ground. The Strate Table unfolds randomly like a layer of strata found in nature., the overlays are inspired by nature.
Crafted with Emaillerie Belge, specialized in high quality products, processing by repeatedly heating metal sheets to more than 800 degrees, permise to astonishing results of resistance, strenght, durability and deepness.
The idea is to create an organic and welcoming surface with several levels , convenient, handy and unique, with great delicacy. Each table is custom made and all enamel colors are personalized for each projects.

Awards 2019/2022

Caroline Notte a été élue comme la meilleure architecte et architecte d’intérieur belge sur Bruxelles . 

Reconnue pour aménager les espaces des expats en Belgique, elle a le don de donner de la vie et du charme dans des nouveaux espaces et connais toutes les adresses pour accompagner les clients de la communauté européenne afin de leur créer rapidement un nid douillet. 
Son bureau a reçu les awards en 2019 /2022 comme la pépinière des talents les plus dynamiques . 

Ses projets d’aménagements intérieurs sont variés et mixtes : aménagements privés , restaurants , bureaux , hôtels , magasins .  Sa galerie propose un vaste choix d’artistes, de designer , d’artisans , de vintage . 


Caroline @ the BRAFA 2023

Welcome to the brafa from the 29 of January to the 5th of February I am very happy to present the T-table on the stand Delen .  A collaboration with Emaillerie Belge. A brand new irregular coffee table inspired by the strata of nature entirely made in the same workshop by recovering metal scraps

Say It With He.Art Pop up store Antwerp until 25th of February

The beginning of a new year is a time to
dream and let the sun shine in.

To welcome 2023, we are delighted to invite you for a

the 19th of January
from 6 to 10 PM

Octogony house
Lombardenvest 20 – 2000 Antwerpen



Ceramics light by Adelie Ducasse 

Keeping her child’s soul: this is the intention of Adelie, a multifaceted artist whose colorful, playful and joyful universe is inspired by the spontaneity of childhood and its brightly colored games such as as legos and puzzles.

Adélie Ducasse grew up in the islands, New Caledonia and Réunion, where she developed her taste for colors and primitive shapes.
Later, it is in California, that she reconnects with the feelings of her childhood. She lived there for a while and returned there often to enjoy her sunshine, her lifestyle and to be inspired by the modernist architecture that characterizes the region.

The geometric abstraction of these creations has its origins in her passion for mathematics – an extension of her childhood games – which she studied at university.

Adélie loves natural materials and works with craftsmen with unique know-how. She uses ceramics to shape design objects and sculptures with her own hands, giving them a unique appearance and expressive personality. From it is reborn the joyful naivety and poetry of childhood.

Caroline Notté New Member of the BEL

Have you heard the big news? The BEL is welcoming 3 new members.
Openness is the key to expansion. That’s exactly why the BEL always keeps an eye out for new Brussels-based talents & takes pride in welcoming them into its circle of expertise. 
This month, we’d like to wish Caroline Notté, a warm welcome. We have no doubt she shall inspire us & you with their singular artistry & radiate Brussels uniqueness through their expertise. 
BEL presents Brussels luxury items in Belgium and beyond our borders, all of which encompass local savoir-faire, unique service and exceptional products.
Each one of these unique talents, that often exist from generation to generation, remind us that it is more important than ever to develop and perpetuate arts and crafts and services in order to embrace innovation, which is so intimately compatible with tradition, as well as cultivating curiosity.


L’art de l’ANTI-TABLE


Cauvin craque sa matière première pour lui donner les formes les plus étonnantes et totalement imprévisibles comme si le feu, l’eau, les éléments naturels avaient dicté ses mouvements et éruptions.
Artiste engagée, Cauvin jongle entre artisanat et brutalisme, un art Brut sans aucune connotation décorative.Elle jaillit – ici littéralement hors du cadre et réinvente complètement l’art de la table dans un élan d’expressionisme non contrôlé.
Les récipients deviennent des ustensiles primitifs et craquelés, non façonnés et un gigantesque puzzle gravit la terre à l’infini et zigzague au rythme des impulsions de l’artiste. 

Cette passeuse de mondes connue pour revisiter les formes géométriques primordiales bouscule l’art de la table en redonnant toute sa force au récipient qui devient comme la monture d’un bijou primitif dont la densité de la matière fond de chaque création en une cosmogonie au fil de laquelle les temps des origines se transmettent et s’entrecroisent.