Designed by Christophe Gevers (1928-2007), one of Belgium’s most influential designers. This lamp will delight aesthetes with a passion for beauty and ingenuity. To be called 01, you have to be worthy of identifying with perfection!

A subtle blend, delicately proportioned, this luminaire is more sculpture than simple lighting, making the CG01 a work of art full of anecdotes.

Christophe Gevers has left an indelible mark on Belgian design with his sense of materials and tactile modernism. He is considered one of the most important interior designers of the post-war period. He favoured a warm, comfortable modernism, using noble, durable materials. He founded his own company, Gevers Design, and worked as a teacher at La Cambre in the decoration and furnishing department. His work is a hallmark of Belgian design, and his creations are sought-after today. Hats off to the artist, Gevers is enjoying the success he deserves!

Placed in 1968 in the restaurant “Le Cap d’Argent” in Brussels, the CG01, designed in a deep, bold red, illuminated this brasserie and made it an emblematic image of Belgian design. It goes without saying that the internationally renowned “Aux Vieux Saint Martin” also incorporates the 01 into its restaurant, which is frequented by some of the world’s leading figures. The Canterbury still bears witness to its unique style, which has nothing old-fashioned about it.

Today, the CG01 is being reissued by the Belgian high-end lighting manufacturer axis71. Renowned architects and prestigious institutions choose the appropriate colour with subtlety and judiciousness.

Isabelle de Borchgrave has chosen a warm, luminous golden yellow; Edouard Vermeulen, inspired by his bold new couture collection, has opted for an Oxford blue; Valérie Barkowsky, faithful to her natural, chic and timeless tones, has selected an aubergine shade.

CG01 reinterpreted by Caroline Notte

“My first thought when choosing a new color was to think of a non-color, to leave it raw, a sheet that would have always existed, total respect to let the shape speak for itself, an intrinsic hue. My second instinct was to choose a natural color that would evolve over time, illustrating strength and resistance and a return to our roots. A corten finish as well as vert de gris copper that blends in perfectly with nature and today’s interiors, where materials are given pride of place, ensuring timelessness.

Caroliné Notté – architecte – architecte d’intérieur – Bruxelles (Uccle) – Studio spécialisé en projets résidentiels, bureaux, bars & restaurants, hôtels, scénographie et home staging

Studio CN – architect – interior designer – Brussels (Uccle) – Studio specialising in residential projects, offices, bars & restaurants, hotels, scenography and home staging

Atelier CN – arquitecto – interiorista – Bruselas (Uccle) – Estudio especializado en proyectos residenciales, oficinas, bares y restaurantes, hoteles, escenografía y home staging