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This is the time to take care – of our clients, of our staff, and of each other.

Our priority is the health and security of everyone.

We have decided to close the office and the Gallery until further notices

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Collaboration with Carine Boxy

We are very happy to collaborate with Carine Boxy 

Carine Boxy is a Belgian textile artist and designer based in Deurle. Each of her creations in naturally dyed sheepskin is unique and versatile (rug, cover, tapestry, …) and can be also seen as site specific to a residential or a hospitality project such as the restaurants by Sergio Herman. Her storytelling compositions are conceived as a patchwork quilt or carpet, a wall or oor arrangement, an object, a piece of furniture, with an extraordinary sense of tactility and wellbeing. The sheepskins bring – assembled together – the atmosphere of a wild life into the home. They reveal each one of a kind the true texture, appeal to the senses, thanks to their ultra soft material and a true combination of the hand and the heart. Carine has this attitude of the craftsman that creates from the sheepskin a human kind experience which brings the warmth in interiors.


Vous êtes cordialement invité au Boudoir des dames et faites passer le mot.

U bent van harte uitgenodigd in de Boudoir des Dames en vertel het verder.

You are cordially invited to the Boudoir des Dames and spread the word.



Caroline Notté to celebrate 100 years of Bauhaus releases exclusive rug design

To celebrate 100 years of Bauhaus, Caroline Notté releases exclusive rug designs in collaboration with Belgian-based rug manufacturer Limited Edition.


This exclusive collection consists of 4 different registered designs, inspired by drawings and sketches from the Bauhaus era.

Using unexpected combinations and colours, Caroline Notté plays with contrast, rhythm and tonality. The geometric shapes and lines on the rug cross, interact and repeat with subtlety and accuracy.

Limited Edition designs, produces and sells high-quality, custom-made contemporary rugs. Each is characterised by the use of high-quality materials, a unique palette of colours and legendary Belgian craftsmanship.

Limited Edition uses silk, linen, wool, leather and other exclusive materials in its designs, which vary in size, colour and dimensions to suit the specific requirements of each customer. Those looking for exclusivity and quality will find them at Limited Edition.


Conférences – L’esprit du Bauhaus.

Cette année, le Bauhaus est mis à l’honneur ! Ce courant artistique qui a suscité l’adhésion d’un grand nombre d’artistes d’avant-garde, fête ses cent ans.

À cette occasion, Caroline Notté et Valentina Geyer vous convient à une conférence sur ce mouvement qui a posé les bases de réflexion de l’architecture moderne et exerce une forte influence dans le domaine des arts appliqués, précurseur du design contemporain et de l’art de la performance.

La conférence sera présentée par la talentueuse Amélie d’Arschot, auteure du Roman d’Héliopolis. Historienne et conférencière, elle est également administratrice de l’Association Royale des demeures historiques de Belgique. Ses conférences à la Brafa et dans de nombreux cercles tant en Belgique qu’en Égypte remportent de grands succès.

La soirée se déroulera en deux temps, la conférence suivie d’un drink et de la visite d’une maison iconique du Bauhaus. La conférence aura lieu le 19, 20 et 21 juin à 19h00 précise à l’adresse suivante: Avenue des Chalets 16, 1180 Uccle par la suite, une balade sera organisée vers la célèbre maison personnelle de Louis Herman De Koninck où Caroline Notté a établi son studio.

Modalités d’inscription: [email protected] / T +32 2 647 48 20




Sélection Victors 2019 – Vote for us!

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Nous sommes un studio proactif dans les aménagements intérieurs résidentiels et publics. Notre volonté, créer une identité forte et proche du client. Notre style va de pair avec la justesse et notre conviction  est  “ne pas osée c’est déjà perdre”.  Le Collector Cabinet accueille de nombreux artistes, artisans et designers ayant pour ligne conductrice le retour aux sources. Ce qui résonne parfaitement avec le lieu iconic qui les accueille: la maison personnelle de Louis Herman de Koninck construite en 1924.




We are a proactive studio in residential and public interior design. Our will, to create a strong identity and close to the customer. Our style goes hand in hand with accuracy and our conviction is “not daring is already losing”. The Collector Cabinet welcomes many artists, craftsmen and designers whose guiding principle is a return to their roots. This resonates perfectly with the iconic place that welcomes them: Louis Herman’s personal house in Koninck, built in 1924.



Ghislain and Marie David de Lossy modus operandi transcends the nature photographic genre and traditional techniques. Displaying 40 photographic images taken over the course of several trips throughout Europe encompassing Finland, Iceland and Spain, their images offer a unique and unusual outlook on the animal world and nature. The contemplative viewer is required to scan the landscape for the animal, as it is not readily apparent, regardless of its actual size.

Despite the incredible precision and clarity, there is something surreal about the natural environment shown in these photos.   

This new approach to nature, both macro and microscopic, blurs the border between reality and fiction.  It is between these two worlds that we find the certain poetic quality of their artwork. The telephoto effect breathes the viewer right into the middle of the landscape, turning us into image hunters.  Lost in the vast wilderness we can, strangely enough, see the invisible. Rich colours add to the supernatural aspect of the setting and excite our imagination. Nature thus sublimaged seems to harbour unexpected guests : elves and fairies, ready to colonise the banks of the lead-coloured lake.


David De Lossy


Hi there, we are Re-volt.

We are a blend of craftsmen & creatives passionate about light & interior landscaping, drawing on many years of experience.

In doing so, we favor the kind of slow that lasts & expands time over the fast that fades.

We assume authenticity is the purest form of beauty, and truth the long term currency of our day. In that spirit we create true, authentic objects that last and brighten up (y)our world.


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